Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Images of Scrap Blanket

I added a close up photo of the blanket (part of the center) so you can see - I tried to get all the ends pretty much woven in - there are a few loose ones still that need to be tied in... but mostly it's just a change from one color to another - and constant....

About half way through the piece (I had been working on this for months off and on - probably 5 or 6 months to be honest!) I thought about leaving the scrap ends hanging - but by that time it was too late - and also, since I planned (still do) to have this as a blanket, or center panel for a blanket of some sort, I thought that the hanging ends might tickle :)

I'm trying to think of how to add to this piece - I was thinking last night of adding the panels on each of the four sides, but mitering them, and increasing on both sides every row (or every other row) and making the ends really ruffly... I'm just thinking :) I have asked the folks on www.menwhoknit.com for suggestions...

we shall see! There is no rush since this isn't really for anyone... I should be working on projects for the holidays! :)

Last night I did work on Jocelyn Hope's baby sweater - I added the buttons to it and did some finishing (there was a tiny hole or dropped stitch or something on the front that I repaired) - it's cute and ready for her to wear - maybe we can get a good photo of it this weekend!

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Tallguy said...

This is a great way to use up those left-over bits and pieces! And there doesn't have to be any pattern or planning when doing it.

I did one like this a few years ago as well, and it was fun to see the different inter-actions between colours, and how they will change when next to another colour. I did mine in stocking stitch, but should have used garter for a reversible blanket. I just may do another one one day -- I'm just collecting left-over yarn now! Hahaha

Yes, you could do another border using mitred corners, or you can make a ruffle around it as well. I dunno... is it for you, or are you giving it away? Are you a ruffle type of person? :-)