Wednesday, November 08, 2006

new scarf pattern

I found a pattern on - it's for a "wavy" scarf - using just knit and purl - I am planning on making this for Gregg's friend Chuck - it's beautiful and from what I can see it might be do-able! I'm going to start it with Manos yarn in a really pretty olive green I bought a month or two ago - I have 4 hanks of it so that should be enough to get a decent length. Because it's a scarf, however, I don't know if I'll do a gauge swatch like I should - just because it's not something that has to be "fitted" - I will, however, look at the piece after doing a few rows to get an idea of how long and how wide it will be....

I also went through the pattern and printed it out line by line so that I don't have to decipher as I go; I find patterns to be like math word problems.... it's easier to figure them out before starting (it's also like studying a map before a trip... this way, in the middle of the project, you're already somewhat familiar with what's coming up next)

time to knit!



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