Friday, November 10, 2006

so many projects so little time

I'm realizing (quickly) that it's already November and that the holidays are quickly flying upon us - I had in my mind this list of projects that I wanted to get completed for everyone, but I am also finding out that my increase indifficulty in the items I am working on and the increase of their sizing is making the time from project to project increase! I guess I'm going to have to decide which things are important and focus on those!

I am in the middle of my Mom's sweater - which should be no problem to complete; I am only praying that there's enough yarn to get it completed without buying another dye lot - I got all the yarn that the shop had in my color.... 15 balls should be enough!

Chuck's scarf will be fine - I have plenty of yarn for that - and the other projects going on right now are not "patterns" - they're just things I made up on my own (a scarf and a blanket made out of scraps)

aah the joy.

I am also wondering right now.. I wonder how much money I have invested in yarn packed away waiting to be turned into gifts!


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