Friday, June 15, 2007

Yarn Stash Swap Questionnaire

JULY 16th UPDATE: The swap is closed - thanks to those who have joined - email me if you're wanting to participate in future swaps :)

To be included in the yarn swap, copy this post and email it to me with your answers - I'll post again with deadline info, etc. but as of now you have a week or two :)

this is gonna be FUN!

Yarn Stash Swap Information:

Zip Code:

The idea is to trade yarn and goodies with another yarn hoarder – in an effort to mix up our stashes and create a need for us to each go through our collections – hopefully it’ll help some of us to organize our stashes and prioritize the materials we have “at the ready” – knowing what we have to work with might inspire us to match up existing stash yarn with project ideas – and get them in the queue for production! My request is that you agree to send (at least) the following:

1. Minimum 200 yards of yarn that you believe your pal will like for a project. It’s ok to mix up the yarns – just try to keep in mind that the recipient is hoping for neat stuff just like you are – I’m planning on putting together a little project – maybe socks, a scarf, a hat, etc. (maybe even send a pattern along?)

2. ONE skein of your least favorite yarn in your stash (no matter what your pal requested, this is your chance to ditch an orphan skein, or make someone laugh) – I would suggest complete skeins only, though –

3. Add some personality – put in a few things you love – handmade stitch markers, cards, a knitting magazine or book that you have read and loved and is now just sitting on your bookshelf, candy, something of “local” flavor – like handmade local soap or a candle or something fun – everyone loves opening up goodies – make it fun for your new friend!

4. Reveal your identity – Let your pal know who you are – send your name and your email so that the two of you might begin a little chat or conversation. If you have a podcast or blog, shamelessly promote it here –

Name 3 interesting things about you:

Are you allergic to anything? Cats, Dogs, Smoke, Scent (like in candles, etc.), Wool, etc.? let us know:

Do you know how much yarn is in your stash? If so, how much? (you can guess by number of skeins, approx. yardage, boxes full, or how many storage units you have filled up):

What do you usually make when you are knitting?

Colors – remember, the more specific you are, the better chance your secret pal will have in supplying you with yarn you will love!

Favorite Colors:

Least Favorite Colors:

Yarn Content: - please rate each of these on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being least loved, 10 being most coveted. If there are other materials you like to work in, name them for us

Cashmere (or a blend)

Yarn Weight: - please rate each of these on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being least loved, 10 being most coveted. If there is some other descriptor of the type of yarn you might like to get, let us know here:

DK (Double Knitting)
Hand Spun
Hand Dyed

Allergies: - if you’re allergic to anything – smoke, cats, dogs, wool (you poor soul), etc. please speak up – I’ll do my best to match you up.

Anything else we should know? –

When you get your package, if you have a blog, try to take photos and talk about your experience – you can email photos to me also and I’ll post them on my blog – maybe we’ll do this a few times a year!

If you’re interested in other swaps, what would you want to do? I am thinking of doing a scarf or hat swap – just to keep the exchanges going – any ideas? 

Thanks for participating – fill out the form and email it to me – to

Once I have gathered up the information from each of the participants, I’ll send you your buddy’s information!

Email me with any questions



Thanks to Stash and Burn for posting about this swap - I'm holding off for a week or two to give everyone a chance to sign up - if you're interested in participating, send me an email - :)

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Andy's Crafts said...

Kyle this is a fabulous idea to do in a Group. I will borrow the idea from you and will modify it to my Crochet Group and see what happens. I got here from the Men Who Knit website.