Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Results! How Much Yarn you ask? I can now tell you.

WOW! That was a lot of work! - I had my friends Terri and Shawn (and Gregg) hang out while I assembled all of my yarn in one pile on Saturday - I got *most* of it together (I realized while we were going through yarn that there was more... that I had included in my collection photos but had not pulled out... then I remembered a little more yarn that I had totally forgotten but wouldn't have affected anyone's guess too radically) -

my goodness - even I can't defend all the yarn in one big pile... it doesn't look like as much in the photo for some reason, but keep in mind that it's covering my entire living room and some of it is stacked 5' high! (eek)

Terri was armed with a pen, Gregg with a calculator (and Shawn with her brain correcting the miscalculations done by Gregg on his calculator) while I flung yarn around - we divided (as best we could) all the knitting into projects (sweaters, shawls, etc.), scarves, hats, and general lumps of yarn...

Here are the projects (most of them)
oh wait.. these two tubs are projects, and I think I included the mitered square blanket in the project list... There were 26 projects ready to go - many of them need patterns but there's enough knittin' to keep me busy for a year or two... Then we moved to hats and scarves...

we put the hats and scarves into this container - there were 12 hats - or yarn that was bought or bundled to become hats... I have already pulled one of those sets to make my knucks which will be the precursor to my first set of attempted real gloves at some point in the future...

I also had 13 scarves ready to go - of course, none of these have patterns, but they're bagged and ready to go.

In the blanket front (aside from the mitered square blanket) I have 2 collections of yarn that have been earmarked for blankets - one green blanket (in the big copper colored metal bucket) and that one has 46 balls of yarn... the other blanket is brown and other neutrals - including among others, my favorite yarn from Ozark Handspun, my cat and dog hair yarns that were made by vip fibers, and my own first attempt at spinning... this collection has 60 balls of yarn and is ready to go when I decide to get it going. I haven't figured out what I want to do with these collections (what I want the pattern to be) - part of me thinks I might want to do something freeform, but I don't know for sure yet... the best thing to do when I don't know is to do nothing... so they sit.

I didn't include the tiny skeins of yarn that show colorways for woolmeise - but I did count another sweater, so that kind of evened things out a bit....

I also have 20 balls of what I called random yarn - which included the yarn for the master knitting program and the lambs pride I bought to make those little bullion crocheted thingies that we learned in freeform class...

I have lots of yarn piled by color - here's the breakdown:

Oranges: 80 balls

Red: 35

Purples: 101

Brown: 129

Neutrals/Whites: 36

Blues: 71

Greens: 63

OK OK I have too much yarn -

the grand total was 1003 balls of yarn - the closest guess was 974 - from Josiane (kimianak on Ravelry) - I sent an email via ravelry letting them know they won - and I'm waiting to hear back so that I can send the prize - :)

Thank you so much for everyone who took a stab at guessing - I'm very happy knowing more about what I have to work with - and having it more organized helps to get me motivated to knit away...




Josiane said...

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to play! I'm surprised that my wild guess ended up being the closest, but that's pretty cool! :)
You will find my answer to your message on Ravelry, I've sent it a bit earlier today.

carla said...

That is A LOT OF YARN!! I think that much yarn would make me nervous. But, on the other hand, it also makes me nervous if my sock-yarn drawer isn't so full it almost won't close. I guess my nerves are pretty delicate.

Judy G. said...

Now, stop playing around and get to work. With all that fibre you should have no trouble producing wonderful works of art on a regular basis.

thanks for the game- that was fun!


Anonymous said...

My goodness! I don't feel so bad now! :) That's a nice collection you have going!

Again, thanks for the gifts you sent me!

Cheesy - Kay

Eikon said...

That is terrifying amount of yarn. Once your path turns to the stash side forever will it dominate your destiny. : )