Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fires - what would you rescue if your home was burning?

There's not much to report right now... as most of you know, we're in the "fire zone" - I live in the "valley" - near Porter Ranch - and while it's not burning yet, there have been so many fires lately, it's terrifying.

I'm worried for Charles and for the Weavers Cottage - both are in Canyon Country - which night before last was evacuated. I sent an email to both hoping that they're OK - keep them in your thoughts - this "fire event" as they have been calling it scares me - to think that everything that you have could be lost - it's frightening. Many of you know that the fire claimed the Malibu Castle- and the owner gave the most powerful statment regarding the loss - "I own posessions, posessions do not own me."

So far, the only damage we have received has to do with the yard - the leaves blew off of the rose bushes (all of them!) and the upper part of our privacy fence in the backyard broke off and fell into the planter - the plants are holding it up there for now, but it needs repair. The other two gates in the yard have been torqued and tweaked so they both need repair as well - the plants are all beat up by the weather. The air is hot, smelly, filled with soot and ash and the sky is red and scary. Life is not good this week in California.

Last night we were eating dinner at home, watching the all news all the time channels and all the houses burning and folks being evacuated is just scaring me. What do you take if they say it's time to leave?

Part of me is trying to come up with that list - to figure out what it is that's most important to me. I'm curious to hear what's important to you also. SO - here's the request. Please list the 5 things you'd take if you found out your house was going to go up in flames. The stipulation is this - you can't take huge things (Granny's armoire is not going to fit in your Jetta) and you only have a few minutes to decide - it's hard to think what is important...

I have an idea of what I'll take - but I want to hear what you think is important.

keep good thoughts for everyone affected.

___added notes:____

I see that lots of people are concerned about their documents - just to give an idea, it's not a bad idea to create a yahoo mail account (or some other sort of email account) and send some of those documents to yourself - online storage programs like this will help keep some of these documents, etc. safe... it wouldn't be a bad idea to make copies of important insurance papers, etc. and if they're not in a fireproof safe to perhaps store them at the bank in a safe deposit box or even at a friend's house - I have some files that belong to a friend in PA - and since I'm on the other side of the coast, chances are one of us will have them if they're ever needed. This is just a thought.

I have been thinking about the 5 things I would take - of course, without doubt, my pets would be saved - I don't think I even consider pets one of the 5... after that:

1. The print of Doe Run that my dad signed for me the day he passed away
2. My computer and the backup disks - I figure most of my photos are saved here
(can I tell you I'm literally almost in a panic trying to figure out what I'd want to take!)
3. Files - all the info from my desk (the bills, insurance papers, checking info, etc.)
4. One of my mom's quilts - or the big crocheted blanket she made me
5. The print that hung over my Grandma's couch... it's framed and in the entryway...

I figure all the pottery I have I can collect again - collecting is what's fun. I know that yarn can be had again... and that clothing is easily obtained - and there's a fine line between irreplaceable and sentimental...

another quick note (and hint) from a customer today - she has been evacuated 3 different times because of threat of fire - she suggests that if you have time, to take your digital camera and photograph the interior of your house - open the closet doors, photograph inside the closets, the garage, etc. - it might be valuable later if there's any question to some of the items you may lose. I figure it's worth passing that bit of info along.

My list of what I'd take will probably change from time to time - right now, I'm safe and very thankful that this is just theoretical for me- I hope that everyone else is safe as well - pay attention to the news and be aware of what's around you - knowledge is what keeps us safe!


Camping Jason said...

A decision I hope I never have to make but...

1. My dogs (do they both count as one?)
2. My wedding album
3. My iPod
4. My KnitPicks options
5. As much yarn as I can carry

Honestly, I'd be sad to lose all my stuff, but I know that I could live without it. Luckily, I don't have a lot of sentimental type stuff in my house yet; I've only lived there for a year and a half.

Hope you and yours come through this unscathed.

Linda said...

It's weird to even think about something happening that fast, weather wise.Anything we'd have to face here - hurricanes, ice storms, even floods - are usually known about well in advance. The whole earthquake/wildfire thing is completely bizarre. But here's my try at a list.

1. my cat, Booger
2. my fleece
3. our wedding wreath
4. our laptop
5. my collection of sterling teaspoons

Take care of yourselves. We'll be thinking of you.

Eikon said...

1. My puppy
2. Baba's mixing bowls
3.Grandma's big gaudy Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
4. My degrees
5. The security box with all my documents in it.

Dave Daniels said...

Kyle, glad to hear you're ok. We've been watching the coverage on the news here.
In a rush to the door to get out, it would be Miss Lulu, my Journey Wheel (it's meant for travel) and my external hard drive containing all my photos. And my camera, if it weren't already around my neck.
Be well, and be careful!

loopykd said...

Well I have had time to think of this because we are in Central Orange County right now and my in-laws are under voluntary evacuation and we are 2 miles from them. Not including people and animals which are absolutes:

1. Computers
2. Cameras
3. Spinning wheel
4. Eye drops and asthma meds (invaluable the past couple of days with the smoke and dryness).
5. Paperwork which is already in a folder ready to go anyway.

That's it I think. I had a tough time with the last one because everything is computerized now and I could get all policy information without any paperwork right now. Good luck to all and stay safe and sound.

Andy's Crafts said...

Besides the obvious Human and animal life, my backup and my creditcards and my Knitting tote.

Sheri said...

I'm in Georgia, on the opposite coast, but watching the coverage on the news is just heartbreaking! I can't imagine. But, we did discuss what we'd take if we had to leave quick and, like others, the loved ones and the pets are a given, but here's my list:
1. Computers
2. Swan Lake (MS3) Stole
3. large knitting bag with as much stuff in it as I can cram in there
4. Photo's (from before computer)
5. Medication (that's the one thing that scares me, running out of my meds)
Our important papers are all in a safe deposit box at our bank. Everything would go if I could take it, I love all my stuff, but, I'd never take a chance on losing my life or my husbands, I'd leave. The knitting is to keep my nerves from breaking, I just gave up smoking a year ago!
Stay safe, please keep us posted.
Sheri in GA

SJ said...

Kyle, thanks for your kind words. I am recovering very well at home and am sure I'll be back to my normal self soon. Please know that I'm thinking of you and hoping you stay safe!

Judy G. said...

1. Anything with a pulse.
2. Knitting and decorating books.
3. My laptop.
4. Pictures: Granny's hockey team (1911), Great-grampa's soccer team (1910), Grandfather Hunt's "certificate of competency as a sea captain in coastal waters"- 1917, and a cross-stitch sampler from 1833
5. My sons' guitars and bass guitars because they'd be really pissed if I left them.

This is my third attempt to comment- I apologize if they all turn up at the same time. Be safe.

Judy G. said...

I was relieved to see you commenting on the Panopticon- does this mean you're still warm, but not too warm?