Friday, November 09, 2007

Altered Images - Neat books (and a new obsession)

We were at the bookstore (Barnes & Noble) on Monday and as I was looking through the knitting books (I know, surprise, surprise) I stumbled upon a book that was in the wrong place- it was all about manipulation of photographs for use in scrap booking. I have always been interested in photography - so it piqued my interest. I left without buying anything - but couldn't stop thinking about that book. SOOOO... last night, I returned to find that book.

I couldn't.

I started searching through the stack of books and came upon 6 or so different and very interesting books related to photo and image manipulation, as well as a few books on creating altered "art" - which seemed a great reference for the construction of altars as well as creating collages. I bought two books -
I bought this one because inside it has all sorts of inspirational projects - assemblages of old doll's parts, rulers, wire, photos, paper, ribbons, fabric, paint, dye; you name it... I am always interested in collages and creating "altars" of different types - although I don't do much actual making... I think I'd almost need a craft room to be able to set these things up... work on them as inspiration strikes, but allow them to "sit" in their various stages of "un-completeness" until they are "done"...

Of course, the other question I have raised for myself regarding this type of work is where does it go when I'm finished - there's only so much room in the house for three dimensional art to be displayed... This doesn't stop me though.. I still want to make some pieces - and I will!

The other book I bought "Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery" should be a more used reference - it explains very simply the processes involved in photographic manipulation; offering many different examples of each process. I hope to use these techniques in scrap books, installations, artwork, and maybe even just snapshots to frame...

I don't know how long it'll be before I actually start to use these books - but the references are safe in my library now - waiting for inspiration to strike!


loopykd said...

Wow, sounds exciting. Good luck with the new craftiness!

Judy G. said...

Of course you realize that now you will spend the rest of your life looking for that book.

I have learned through experience that a craft room, while a good thing, does not save the rest of the hopuse from creative clutter. It just gives you a place to put everything when you clean up for company, after which it all creeps out again all on its own.

Have a good weekend- I'm going for birthday cake tomorrow.