Monday, November 05, 2007

Formals, Felines and Finishin' projects

Gregg and I went to a wedding last night - in Santa Monica - it was at a beautiful hotel next to the ocean - an evening wedding, and lots of fun. We didn't get a very good photo of us during the event, but we did have a good time! The food was amazing; they didn't ask what kind of meal you wanted; each plate had steak (yum!) salmon, AND portobello mushrooms! - also served were asparagus and mashed potatoes... beautiful ceremony, delicious food and we're happy for the couple. (it's Gregg's cousin that got married) - congrats, David!

On the kitty phenomenon front, Willow has decided that when we get ready in the morning, that is her duty to "sit on the pot" and meow. I have no idea what she wants - but she sits there, watches through the shower door as I take my shower, and stays there while Gregg and I brush teeth, get dressed, etc. I think she has figured out that shortly after this "ritual" we leave for the day and she'd much rather us sit in the bed, knit and watch Sally Jesse Raphael (is she even on still?!) all day. Sorry, Willow; daddy has to work!

I also finished up two scarves - the ravelry scarf exchange scarf (that needs to get in the mail and sent off to its recipient) and another one I had done a few months ago both got blocked and they're all cute and ready - so I started another scarf - this one is using Gedifra Fashion Trend Color - 51% wool, 49% acrylic - on size 7's - it's knitting up nicely :) - I'd rather be knitting today with my kitty but duty calls....


Andy's Crafts said...

Looking very handsome !

Anonymous said...

Nice photo! Scarves are such a fun quick knit, huh?

Anonymous said...

Which one are you Kyle? Left or right?

Opal said...

What a great picture of you and Gregg! I want to know which one you are too. Left? Right?

Willow sounds like such a darling. "Daddy? Don't go!" So sweet!

I love the way that Gedifra is knitting up. What a great texture it has to it.