Thursday, November 01, 2007


Not much happening on the knitting front - still knitting away on a scarf for that ravelry scarf exchange project - hoping to get it done tonight actually :) - I'm planning some more knitting related stuff soon... but did get a good photo of Willow (left) and Winky (right) [in case there's any confusion which cat might have been named winky! HA!] -yes, she has only one eye... they don't normally lay near each other like this - so it was a rare kitty love moment!

Last night we went to my Sister in law's house and went door to door with her 2 kids - it was a LOT of fun - carrying around a tiny baby (she's just over 1 year old) and watching the older sis (I think she's 7 or 8) go door to door. it was an early night - (we were home by 9pm) and I went quickly to bed - I was exhausted! It wasn't until this morning that I even thought about the 400,000+ people partying in West Hollywood - OMG - the litter and mess that's still around even AFTER they did the major cleanup! - Part of me likes the idea of dressing up - and the "day after" every year, I vow that next year I'll do something crazy and fun...

Here's a random "sunset" photo driving down the 118 near my house - I thought the sky was beautiful - aah, nothing more responsible than flying down the freeway at 70-80 mph snaping photos of the sunset... I noticed a few moments later that another guy was trying to take a photo of the same sunset with his cellphone... I guess I'm not the only nutcase in CA!

Not much else is going on - I am thinking though that since I have so much yarn, I won't be buying yarn till the new year - remember, I have over 1000 balls of yarn in my stash.... clearly too much! -and since I have so many projects I already want to do, I'm focusing on getting some of those completed before moving on...

I have a funny story to share... I got an email yesterday from the office of a vendor we use at my business - it went something like this:

I found your blog online :)
I think its you anyway… design consultant in LA
with the same name as you..?
If it is, you are totally talented! How much
would you charge me to make a pretty fuzzy scarf?
If its not you.. sorry,
you probably think I’m crazy lol :)

I responded and told her yes, it's my blog - and of course I'll make her a scarf - so it's on my list of things to do- and I hope she's reading my blog on a regular basis now... (HI sweetie!) - after our exchange I started to think... did you google my name? I was kind of curious.... but didn't ask her... and it's sort of flattering -


Kathyanne White said...

Hi Kyle, I was going to write when I last visited. I knit in my spare time.

Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you like my work.

I will be teaching a workshop in Flagstaff at the end of July. It is
a digital printing on fabric and
specialty papers.


Kathyanne White

Charles said...

Hey Kyle~~

I have same email from my friends brother..He what to make a scarf for her girlfriends!!
I know...It is so funny that how the blog is amazing...people will see your post and word to word knowing us form nowhere!

Eikon said...

The web of bloggers is omnipotent especially when knitting is concerned. I work knits at a dorm and people are constantly asking me how much I'd charge for things. So far this winter I've sold three hats but that's about it.

Opal said...

What a darling picture of your cats! Winky looks particularly mellow and loving.

It always surprises me when I hear about how many of my non-knitting friends read my blog. I can't imagine what could possibly interest them. :)

loopykd said...

I love your cats! One day, I will tell the story of my one remaining cat and you will all be amazed! She has two eyes, but only half a tail and she's not even mine!