Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A finished object: I finished my noro striped scarf - started on Friday it's a k/p across, k back creation of 4 balls of noro silk garden - a lot of work and still drying on my blocking board but I'm excited about it... I think it's about 5' long but I'm not sure...
What am I thankful for? Here are some things I thought of today (in no particular order):
  1. My family - all of them - even the ones who make me crazy or upset me from time to time - all the way to the ones who have broken my heart. Each and every one of them has helped me grow to be the person I am today.
  2. My partner - he's my life. Sharing everything is so much more fun with him!
  3. Knitting - and all the creativity I have been gifted with - from the interpretations of others' designs to the ability to see art in everyday things
  4. opposable thumbs (yes, it's something to be thankful for) - actually, having the ability to move at all - to be lucky enough not to be struck with the challenge of being confined to a wheelchair or bed
  5. my pets - the kitties and doggies - they're my heart.
  6. gifts of sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste...
  7. Health in general - being able to breathe clearly, and not being sick
  8. I am thankful for living in all the different places I have during my life - across the U.S. - having the chance to meet different people and learn from all of them.
  9. Friends - both on the internet and those who I know face to face - I may not have thousands of friends, but those I do have mean so much to me - people in my life will stop what they're doing, fly across the country and help me out if I need it. (they'll also slap me in the face and give a true "reality" check when I need it, too!)
  10. Hot water - let's face it; a good long hot shower does wonders -
  11. My Grandma's chicken and dumplings - so good even the memory makes my mouth water - also banana salad which lots of people think is wierd, but for me is part of tradition.
  12. HGTV
  13. Clearance Sales - buying things that are priced 80% off makes me happy.
  14. Transportation - being able to afford a car, and to like the car I have is a good thing
  15. Martha Stewart - she's a good thing, too!
  16. yarn stash (even though it's sometimes a hinderance)
  17. - her candles are amazing
  18. - my daily laugh
  19. goodies in the mail - receiving cards or notes or packages always gives me a lift - so does a day without any bills in the mail!
  20. having bills - even though they're a pain, responsibility (and the ability to be responsible) is worth being thankful for.
  21. YOU - the "invisible" folks who visit my blog and read the things I write - and the "not so invisible" folks who comment - and those of you who have become friends - you're all important to me - and I'm thankful that you come back from time to time to check in with me.
  22. Peanut Butter. Let's face it; I love the stuff!
  23. my computer - it was a gift from a close friend - AND it's a MAC! - and while it's a few years old, it's an amazing piece of equipment and I can't say how thankful I am for it - it's reliable and perfect!
  24. My history - everything I have gone through to get me here - the bad times and the good - all the steps I have made to get me to this day - aside from the temporary hardships that challenges place on us, the lessons we learn stay with us for a lifetime.
  25. My future - however long it is, on this planet, with this blog, with my family, at my job, in California or wherever I end up, I am thankful for this moment and every second that leads me forward. It's all a process - and it begins with being grateful.

If you have some things to be thankful for, why not list a few of them in the comments - or if you have a blog, send me a link and make a post of your own...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Wannietta said...

LMFAO!!! Opposable thumbs - truly a gift and I will never take them for granted again or see them without thinking of you!

Dave Daniels said...

I'm thankful that something as simple as blogging has brought so many diverse people from around this planet closer, one post, one project, one FO at a time.

Eikon said...

Ah yes Wanda...we know her alter ego. Sweet boy comes to faerie camp.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love that Noro, such an appealing yarn! Have a great holiday.

Chuck said...

I'm thankful for you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jadielady said...

I'm thankful for the internet which is so full of wonderful people just like you! Beautiful scarf. I posted a picture of my "family" which is my boyfriend and my kitty on my blog.

knitseashore said...

Thank you for a wonderful list of reminders, both serious and fun! I'm thankful for my family (furry and otherwise), for health, and for all of the wonderful friends I've met through the knitting community. We are a blessed group to have each other!