Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Wrap-Up

We had a pretty quiet holiday - I was off from work for 4 days (hooray) and got some knitting done... I started (and finished) 2 hats made from yarn from the marisol project - bought at Simply Knitting - it's amazingly beautiful yarn and I loved the colors - I made one adult hat and one child hat out of the 4 skeins I bought (they're only 50 yards each)
Here's our fun tree this year - during the break, Gregg and I went down to Orange, CA (near Disneyland) and shopped at the antique stores - we found lots of fun antique ornaments to add to the tree. I think that next year will be a "vintage" Christmas - we are both enamored with the old glass ornaments - I like the ones that are really old and worn out - cracked paint, etc. and he likes the crazy fun colored ones! This is our "fake" tree - we had a live one a few years ago, but I just get a little too manic about the idea of a cut tree drying out with lights on it in my house - so the fake one will have to do... we invested in a good one so it looks pretty real...

Here's our holiday portrait; Christmas Morning, 2007 - (it's early, and we're not quite awake yet!) I'm in my favorite Charlie Brown Christmas shirt!

While we opened presents, Winky sat in her favorite chair and watched - not too close... until we opened her Christmas gift (Winky and Willow both got kitty cookies!)

Willow was around too - running around under the tree, getting glitter all over herself - they had a good time! I'm lucky to have such a loving partner - and loving animals.... and my family seems to all be doing well - I talked to some of them - and all the gifts arrived, and the kids liked their presents - so.... all in all, a pretty good holiday.
I also worked more on Gregg's snowflake sweater - finished sleeve #2

(not a great photo of them - it was early in the morning, and Willow just HAD to be in the photo!) - I made one tiny mistake, (but I'm not telling!) - I sent Gregg to buy a longer circular for the body (believe it or not, I didn't have it!) and I'll start the back tonight!
I hope everyone else had a great holiday - and that their families are all safe-
Happy Holidays!


Opal said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Kyle! You have a really beautiful tree and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I really like the hats. What pattern did you use?

I'm sort of trying to design a hat for a friend and don't really know what the dimensions of a hat should be. how big the circurmference, how long the band till you start the colorwork, and then when do you start the decreases to the top of the hat.

hints? take a look at David's Hat on my blog or Ravelry

loopykd said...

OOOOooo Did you have lunch at Watsons? I love that place! I don't know of any other soda fountain around.

Linda said...

Oooo your tree is so beautiful! Hooray for antique ornaments! We collect the same sort, but in the smaller sizes. We've been lucky to find them off-season (ie not December) at the local antique shops.
Super cute shot of you two, by the way - meow! ;-)

Andy's Crafts said...

Love the hats and the tree and the sweater and the kitty and the guys of course. Nice job onthe hats simple , but very visual! Happy Holidays Boys!

Judy G. said...

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Great shots (I'm glad someone elses's look like they weren't taken in a studio- much more realistic.). We have more snow than you- neener neener neener. No, wait. We have more snow; that means you win. Oh well.

Charles said...

Hey Kyle~~~

I hope your having a great time on your NEW YEARS day!
Hope eveythings goes will and big luck wish your best~~

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