Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hissy Knits says Goodbye

ANOTHER (yes, another) Los Angeles yarn shop is calling it quits - this time it's sweet Annie Tyron and Hissy Knits - located in Highland Park….north of Lincoln Heights, south of Pasadena, off the 110 Fwy. 1601 North Ave 55 Los Angeles, CA 90042; (323) 550-8960

This weekend is her last weekend "open" - and she's having a beyond crazy blowout sale - major discounts (50% off!) - even on Noro! - I have already been - and cleaned up on Kuryeon (20 skeins!) and Silk Garden (I think around 16-18 skeins) as well as a few other odds and ends -

(yes, I know, I know... yarn diet) - truth is, by the time I got back home I was *almost* sick at how much more yarn I have... there's not really anywhere to put it - I will need to put it in a new bin... which means buying a new bin... :)

SO this brings me to a question - of the kuryeon that I bought, I got all kinds of different colors. My want is to make some sort of crazily colored, somewhat artsy (but not too girly) sweater - using all kinds of colors - sort of like a coat of many colors... I'm not afraid of intarsia or changing colors often - but I'm looking for ideas.

My first thought was to do something in the round, bottom up (or in sections figuring out how to keep the color changes somewhat consistent from one section to another) and change yarns every few rows or so - creating horizontal stripes... the second (and better, I think) idea was to do something like the gridlock cushion pattern from Kaffe Fassett; (essentially it's just a checkerboard sort of pattern) using all different colors and not having rhyme or reason to the order except that the same color can't border itself... My partner thinks that it might be too "girly" so I'm asking...

so to recap - like 15 different colors of Kuryeon (I had to double up on a few) And keeping in mind they ALL are color changing.... so lots of color - I want some sort of "artsy" pattern that a guy can wear... if you have ideas, please; pass them on - it's not something I have to start anytime soon... but it's something I want to figure out...

and lastly, if you're in the area... please PLEASE go by Hissy Knits this weekend - I know, it's hot - but the deals she's offering are amazing! AND - Charles is doing a yarn dyeing class either today or tomorrow - I can't remember - call, visit, take the class if you can, and have a great weekend!


loopykd said...

I would love to go to Hissy Knits today but I can't do it on short notice. Besides, like you, I already have too much yarn.

For your pattern, try one like I am working on that you can see on Ravelry. It's knit modularly so the colors mingle and compliment.

Janice Rosema said...

Hi Kyle, I would love to help you out so you don't have to worry about having too much yarn. I can adopt all that Noro without a problem and just think how much room you would have! LOL. You should know by now, there is never too much yarn!