Tuesday, May 06, 2008


super quick little update... of sorts...

I am working on a new website - (fixed the link; sorry guys!)

when you have a minute, and want to see some of the things I have made over the years, click away!

also, there's a shop on there (sparse so far, but there nonetheless) - that I started to help raise money for the amanda foundation - a group that is amazing at rescuing pets in the Los Angeles area.

bookmark my new site - check out the store from time to time... and if you're feeling generous and want to help out the animals, buy something! I plan on adding all kinds of items to the shop - including knitting books, yarn, finished objects, etc.

if you can think of something else to add to the store that might sell, let me know! I have a goal of giving $1000 this year - help me reach it :)


loopykd said...

I wasn't able to click through to your web site. You need to reformat your link. I was able to find it though! http://kylewilliam.com is the correct link, right?

Jadielady said...

Wee I love animals! I couldn't get to the link either :(