Thursday, March 08, 2007

My dad passed away in February - so here's a tribute story: When I was little, I remember going into his closet and STEALING his wheat pennies to go buy candy - growing up, I realized how horrible it was of me as a child to do that, and whenever I found one I'd send it to him with a little note - I don't know if he appreciated it or not, but it makes me think of him. (the wheat penny was also the item I decided to place in the coffin with him- it's in his shirt pocket) and now seeing wheat pennies as they are noticed brings a smile to my face... SO... I got a roll of wheat pennies on ebay - all from 1941; the year he was born (amazing what you can find on ebay!) and drilled one to make a necklace for myself - I had 49 more, so I realized I could make stitch markers - here is the first attempt at them - I drilled them so the heads were facing "up" - and didn't realize it until it was too late that the wheat (which is more important to me) was facing "down" when they were assembled - SO I am drilling more today and will make another set -

I love making these - it's lots of fun - I have often thought of selling them but I have never done it - I might build up a little collection of them and start to sell them at my LYS - it could be fun :) - especially since I have the Los Angeles jewelry mart at my disposal for boxes, bags, etc. - presentation is everything!


Charles said...

Why i should think about that?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it. It was quite moving.