Monday, March 19, 2007

Zipper Fiasco - open to suggestions!

I am still working on this raglan cardigan for Gregg and I was finishing it up this weekend - as I was sewing down the collar I realized in a fit of horror that I had accidentally picked up stitches along the collar for the zipper cover thingy - (this is the "Avast" sweater from -

I don't know what to do, because after you pick up and knit the right and left zipper cover things, you pick up around the bottom of the sweater and knit around that - so I can't just take out that zipper cover and re-do it, and I'm terrified of cutting it - I'm open to suggestions. It's my first cardigan, and my first "in the round" sweater - I think it looks pretty good, and I'm painfully aware that the arms aren't *exactly* in the right places - but I have tried it on, and it seems to be OK - as far as fit -

I think I'll just pick up along the other side of the collar, and knit it - doing this might make the collar a little bulky on the side I haven't turned down (the "oops" side) - so I don't know if it's the best idea - maybe I'll pick up and knit all the way along, then add enough stitches to wrap back into the collar and then when they fold and seam, it'll all kind of balance - it might even be a big suprise and match in thickness to the zipper... I am turning to all the fabulous knitters who know so much better than I to see what they come up with



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