Friday, April 06, 2007

Catching up on Cast On

I have become an addict. I admit it - step one (I have heard) is admitting you are powerless. I am powerless against the voice of Brenda Dayne from Cast-On. She's my inspiration of late; talking to me through her podcasts on the drive to and from work every day. I actually was almost late today because I had to download another episode onto my ipod - I love hearing her talk, the music she plays, and I fantasize about moving to Wales to be more worldly.

I love my projects and all my works in progress (which need to be roped in) - I have so many things going on right now and it seems not a lot of time to work on them - I have to finish Gregg's sweater - it's near completion again, after frantically realizing I had messed up on part of the picking up - messing up by knitting up to the collar instead of stopping where I should have... anyway, I don't want to re-hash it all again... I sent out some frantic requests to friends and most of them chimed back the same as my buddy Brenda:

"it is a mistake. It's sad, but it's there... you'll notice it every time you see the sweater... have a glass of wine, and rip out the mistake, pick up your stitches and fix it. it won't take a lot of time; and you can do it... and once it is done, you'll be very proud of yourself."

I did exactly what she said - and she was RIGHT - ripping out was scary - but I did it and it's fine. I'm almost finished with that piece - I hope to get it finished and assembled tomorrow - then I can find a zipper and get the zipper put in - Just what Gregg wanted; a sweater in time for summer!

it's all about the timing.

Anyway, I'm slowly catching up on the Cast-On episodes and anyone who hasn't listened to all of them, I suggest starting at the beginning and taking it show by show. Going through the history of her podcasts has taught me much about Brenda; but not being there when they were released makes me sad... I think about where I was the fall of last year, before I discovered cast-on, and it makes me sad that I didn't listen back then and that I didn't comment on whatever topic she had covered. I'm catching up though - which is nice... it is, however, going to be hard to fall back on the once a week podcast that she publishes.

I love ya, Brenda! you're my hero! - thank you for your creative energy - you inspire me!


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Anonymous said...

I must check out this lady's podcasts. Congrats on the sweater!