Monday, April 23, 2007

Drip... Drip... Crash...

Something bad happened Saturday; it rained. Not a lot, but enough to make the old ceiling at Bishops leak. We were lucky though because not only was it a "small" leak, it happened to leadk only on the register/desk portion of the store, sparing all yarn!

Something bad happened Saturday; it rained - not a lot, but enough to make the old ceiling at Bishop's yarn shop leak - we were lucky though because not only was it just a "small" leak, it happened to leak only on the register/desk portion of the store - sparing all the yarn! We knew about the previous leaks from the stains in the ceiling - I had talked about painting the ceiling at one point, and had not thought for a minute that the roof would still leak! I am also happy that we didn't go through all that work just to have it destroyed by some rain and water!

Everything survived except the ceiling patches, the telephone and the credit card machine...

SO - Florence (the owner of the shop) is going to order a new card machine, and the landlord is fixing the roof. He came out on Saturday and did some repair/patch work. I hope that he repairs it the right way this time to keep something bad happeneing to the yarn in the shop!

Moving on to the other fun event: Gregg's sweater is ripped apart (Thanks, Florence!) - I didn't get rid of the bottom cable band or one of the sleeves yet - I won't reuse either of them but I decided that I shouldn't go through the work of ripping these pieces unless I have to use that yarn... so I'm being patient and waiting. I started a new sweater this weekend - it's a neat v-neck with ribbing on the sides - and stockinette in the front and back - it seems to be a good match for the yarn so far (although I STILL think the stitches look loose) - I have decided to call it my "Phoenix" sweater - for the yarns ability to rise from the ashes and become something new. I am also kind of excited at the idea that this tragic sweater can be knitted up, analyzed, and dissected - from dust to dust, yarn to yarn - and if I'm careful, I could keep doing this over and over - knitting up fabric, looking at it and then ripping it out --- yarn is kind of like play dough! - how cool that the sweater I make consists only of a continuous strand of fiber!

We also had knit night again on Friday at the house - Chuck, Vera, Terry and I attended, Gregg had another friend over to entertain him while we knit. I have become a knitting fiend - knitting at gatherings, in the car, and I have decided that it's just too far to try to knit in my sleep; although I think it's a good idea (sleeping should be productive too) I think I'll drop too many stitches!


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