Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quiviuk Splendor from Knit Cafe

I have been WANTING this amazing yarn for a while; ever since my trip home in January to see my dad for the last time - I think I was in Memphis in the airport waiting for my next flight, when I was digging through a magazine and discovered a plethora of classified ads raving about this fiber. I knew that surely I'd be able to find some of this stuff in Los Angeles when I got home, so I ripped out an ad and stuffed it into my backpack. I called one of the suppliers in the magazine to try to find out the cost... it's expensive! I HAD to at least see and fall in love with the fiber before buying it - so I waited.

I went to see Suzan Mischer of Knit Cafe after that trip and asked her about a ribbed hat pattern I have been searching for - she was really helpful (and she has the most beautiful store I think I have ever seen!) but we weren't able to come up with a pattern. It's OK though; I have put that project on the "back burner" for now... too many more exciting things to think about!... Anyway, I also mentioned this fiber, and not only did she know about it, she had seen it at the recent show and ordered it! It was going to take a while to arrive, she mentioned... so I waited.

Time passed till yesterday, when I was looking for the Debbie Bliss Sublime Baby book - I'm working on something out of the book and decided I want to own the book instead of just borrowing my friends copy.... and I thought that Knit Cafe might have the book... they didn't.

but they DID have my Quiviuk!

I didn't spring for the 100% pure yarn for two reasons - first, it was REALLY expensive - ( I think it was around $75 per ball) and it was really "fluffy" - I wanted to be sure that I loved the thing I made out of this yarn if I was springing for something this rare... I bought the 45% Quiviuk, 45% Extrafine Merino, 10% silk - and it was about $50 a ball - I wasn't going to say anything about the cost because I didn't want anyone to admonish me for spending so much on yarn - but I decided that I had a tiny bit of extra money from the second job I just left, and that this would be the thing I was buying as a reward for my hard work and efforts. I'm sure it will be a one time thing; this purchasing way over the top yarn - while I'm a huge fan of fine materials for my knitting, I can't be spending money like this!!! eek.
Anyway, I got a pattern from Knit Cafe as well - the mock cable hat pattern from - which I will use to help figure out gauge - I was thinking this morning that maybe I'll use the pattern on for the "halfdome" by Jesse Loesberg - ( - the pattern can be found at:
I haven't figured out if it'll work yet, but I think the little cables in the pattern I got yesterday may be a little too much for my style - I love the simplicity of the yarn and the fiber itsself should be the "star" - so I am most likely to dive into Jesse's pattern before doing cables with this stuff.
I promised Suzan that I'd bring in the hat when it is finished - I didn't think I'd be diving into the project very quickly, however, I'm already hankering to get started! :)
Go to and if you're in the area, swing by Suzan's shop - it's beautiful and stocked to the brim with amazing yarns and supplies.



Harper said...

Thought I'd say howdy and thanks for your comment on my scarf disaster!

I have tried to knit the halfdome and failed but I don't believe it is the pattern's fault. It should be an easy knit and I love its simplicity. I agree that a pattern that lets the yarn do the talking is the way to go with such a special purchase.
Have you been to the designer's site ( He made another halfdome that is black with a brown (or maybe gray) rolled brim that really looks sharp. Maybe you could turn it around and make a black brim for yours.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I have looked at jesse's blog - I knit the "Avast" sweater he designed (poorly, but I did knit it) and I love this hat - it'll be nice on my cold shaved (bald!) head in the winter! I am sad though - his book took off so he has put his knitting blog on "hold" for a while... I look to him for inspiration - but there's lots of historical material on his site to see - it's just the selfish part of me that wants him to be writing on his blog regularly :)