Sunday, July 22, 2007

More yarn? Are you crazy!?

I went to Bishops to visit (and knit) on Saturday and wouldn't you know it, there were probably 15-20 people in there clamoring for yarn - I walked in expecting a few shoppers, but the frenzy I encountered sent me into a grabbing fit - I was meeting my friend Terri and she was already there - within about 10 minutes, we had filled a HUGE bag full of yarn - both of us felt like if all these people were buying, then there must be good yarn that we hadn't seen before... and since it is 70% off we MUST buy it!

We came to our senses during the course of the visit there, and put most of the yarn back (including the 70% off dollar yarn which was $0.30/ ball!!) and only bought the stuff we really liked. I did have a weak moment as I was being rung up and bought 9 balls of burgundy ribbon yarn for a shawl or wrap of some sort...

THEN we heard about the display cases sitting at the vacant tattoo joint 2 doors down from the yarn shop. Florence told us that they were there for the taking (and actually at one point tried to get Gregg to pay her for them?!) I'm not sure what she was thinking... anyway, we went this morning to meet the landlord there and picked up the 4 cases - they're now in the garage, and Gregg's car is (once again) banished to the driveway! I did lots of knitting this weekend - Saturday at Bishops for a while, then Saturday night we went to Mountasia with some friends, and 3 of us sat at the table and knitted for 3 hours while Gregg played with the kids - bumper boats, go-karts, arcade games... it was a great time! I finished another "halfdome" hat - and worked on my mitered squares.

This morning, I had another mini knitting group and saw Terri and Vera for a while (after we picked up the display cases) - it was really good to see Vera - we hadn't seen her in months! I finished another mitered square, then got the BUG to start my scarf out of the GGH Coco yarn I bought on Saturday... I messed around with gauge and whether or not to do ribbing... and ended up deciding to rib using 35 stitches, 5x5 rib, on US10 needles... I LOVE the way it's looking. I wish I could stay home tomorrow and knit on this all day but alas, I must work if I want to continue to irresponsibly purchase yarn!

Chuck comes in tomorrow night from St. Louis. He has been advised to bring an extra suitcase for yarn and I talked with Florence about him coming in early on Tuesday so that he can get his yarn fix in before going to work... it's always good to see him.

Another weekend gone - other things that happened - we fixed the sprinklers (I need to put photos of the backyard on here!) - I cleaned, did laundry, etc., and got things together for my yarn stash swap pal - I almost have everything together for that shipment but I'm not ready to send it out quite yet... :)

it's darn hot here - even with the air on - but we're surviving. I wish it was rainy and cool. I'm happy though with my yarn - and my projects - and our new cabinets - they just create an issue of what to do with them, and force us to organize the garage again... ugh. :)

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