Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plastic Sandwich

The tiny little fruits met their fate today at lunchtime - coupled with mayo, avocado, and microwaved-to-perfection precooked and prepackaged bacon! My daily BLT, er, BTA (no lettuce, add avocado) has been lovingly termed a "plastic sandwich" by my coworkers. There's something to be said about grown fresh on the vine tomatoes - ripe and yummy, if you like them, it's the best treat - almost like candy! The only thing I'm not loving is the tough skin these guys have - but wow the flavor! it makes me miss home (TN/KY/IN)

I am in search of heirloom tomato plants for next year (OK, I'm not really in search, but it's on my list for next spring) because I love heirloom tomatoes even more than just the normal ones...

and yes, I know I'm a little strange - first for using cherry tomatoes on a sandwich, second for slicing them, third for photographing them, and lastly, for blogging about them! So, instead of searching the internet for yarn or knitting, or playing on ravelry this lunch hour, I am raving about my sandwich - it's a change of pace for me.... but of course, I will still find a minute or two for some knitting related browsing!

I must say, though - for those of you who can understand, I am in heaven eating my yummy sandwich - with home grown goodness off of the plant Gregg gave me earlier this summer.


I love my tomato plant!

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