Friday, September 21, 2007

Flashback Friday - #3 - Kickball

#3 Kickball

One of my favorite recess games was kickball. I know that I wasn't very good at it but I had a lot of fun. We played with a big brick colored "recess ball" - not sure what else to call it - it's the same kind of ball that we played dodgeball with when we played in the gym on rainy days. I remember kicking that ball into someone (the guy who pitched it to me) and I remember one time someone actually kicked the ball over the building! We hated that! - it meant 5 or 10 minutes of running around the entire building to retrieve the ball; which used up so much of our recess time - by the time we found it, it was time to go inside and get back to classwork.

The doors in the photo are where we went into the building (from what I remember) and on the left were the classrooms - starting with first, second, and third, then the hall turned right - for fourth, the principals office, some "front entry" doors, then fifth and sixth - then the building turned right again and it went on for seventh and eighth... then more doors going to the back of the building which would be where the baseball field and track are, and farther down the hall was the cafeteria and gym...


As a side note, I'm going on vacation - so I don't know how active my posting here will be - I'm going to St Louis, MO, then driving from there to Indiana, then through Kentucky to stay in Tennessee for a night or two, then up to Kentucky again - it's going to be a fun trip - and we're looking forward to it - it does mean, though, that there's a chance for no "Flashback Friday" this coming week. I'll be back home on Monday October 1st. :)