Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kitty Kisses

Winky gives Willow a little bath:

Just a few notes to share:

  • The cats were exceptionally adorable last night while I continued to work on my green sweater. I am almost finished with the first sleeve - which leaves sleeve #2, collar and assembly - yippee!
  • Tomorrow, I am going to Wildfiber in Santa Monica to meet Kaffe Fassett - he's going to be there Thursday, January 10, 2008 from 5-6:30pm! How exciting is that!
  • My friend Karen at Simply Knitting was able to find more yarn for the snowflake sweater for me [in the same dye lot!] and that should be here sometime this week! I couldn't be more excited!
  • Have a fantastic Wednesday!


Karen said...

Ooooh, so cute!!! :) Have fun tomorrow meeting Kaffe - very exciting.

loopykd said...

OMG! Ok, first, I apologize in advance. Second, the title: TOO MANY JOKES! Ok I don't know you well enough to go there so I'll leave it at that.

Yeah for you on the sweater and the yarn. Congrats. Love your cats!

Opal said...

Too sweet! I'm so happy you found the yarn to finish the snowflake sweater. And in the same dye lot! How fortuitous!

Charles said...

Hi Kyle~~
Your cats are adorable! Really cute!
Also if what to go Simply Knitting coming week..(I live near by yarn store 10min drive) There once a month Stitch'n'bitch group this FRIDAY 18th 5 to 10pm at simply Knitting! It will lots knitter..Last meeting was almost 20people!

I will be there at 6pm if want to come! It gonna be lots of fun!

See you soon!
Also another dyeing class coming up in Feb!