Thursday, March 06, 2008

bad news... good news

Bad News-

While on the hunt for a small table that I want to mount my new (old) circular sock knitting machine, humping from one Big Lots to the next, I was greeted by a wonderful man who decided to make a "U" turn in front of me- in the middle of the street - while I was going 35 mph or so.... which resulted in my not getting to go to Big Lots, my car being rendered inoperable and getting towed away, and the future number of weeks being annoying for me with dealing with auto repairs, insurance adjusters and claims folk... the good news: I am OK - no big cuts or scrapes or bruises (I'm very lucky; a huge box of stuff I was donating to Goodwill was in the back seat and flew forward, breaking the windshield and scratching up the interior) - including a portable phone, a ceiling mounted square metal light fixture, books, a tray, etc. Great news - it wasn't my fault - bad news, the guy tried to get away but the car wouldn't let him... it'll be a fun drama I'm sure - but since I'm OK, I'm willing to deal with the frustration.

I am glad I didn't get hurt, and that I have insurance. If you're playing with fate (tempting it) please go get insurance NOW. Having someone on your side is quite helpful. Here's a photo of my car, towed to it's temporary resting spot (purgatory) waiting for me to send it to the car hospital - it made it out there today... and should be fixed in a few weeks...

Good News -

last night, I finished my Lucci scarf - Winky agreed to model it last night while we were watching Big Brother... she's dozing off... only slightly annoyed that her daddy is puttin' stuff on her! I'm glad this is done - it's soft and nice, but strangly colored - I sort of like it...

have a great rest of the week, everyone!


Wannietta said...

I'm so glad that you're okay and that the wretched offending driver didn't make a getaway!! As much as I bitch about paying for all sorts of insurance (car, home, life) it sure does come in handy when you need it!

And that is some lovely 'good news'!

Charles said...

OH Kyle~

Iam happy your OK! I am glad to catch that buster trying to run.
I hope insurance cover everything...But I hatw does happen...Seem i really what to deal with stuff!

Also Happpy to finsh your scarf! And your cat is so cute!


J.P. said...

I am so glad that you are ok! I am also very happy that the guy who hit you did not manage to get away!

Opal said...

Wow. You're the second knitblogger I know that's had an incident with a car! I'm so glad you're okay, but I'm so sorry about the car.

Winky is utterly adorable. As usual. :)