Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scumble Swap Signups! (Signup Deadline 4/25/08)

Originally posted on Ravelry, but I want to make sure everyone has the chance to play with freeform - this is a good way to get 3 different scumbles and some fun packages of goodies! If you’re interested, let me know by emailing me - Deadline for this signup will be April 25th, and ship date will be May 25th. This isn’t a “secret” swap if you don’t want it to be - if you’re interested in talking with your swapmate about the scumble you’re making for them, feel free.

Give the following info in your EMAIL to me:




State, Zip:


Ravelry ID (if you have one):


What colors do you want to do/trade: (note I’ll try my best to match you with similar color people- but the colors you get might be different) - that’s part of the fun of a swap! - I’ll do my BEST to get you at least ONE swap of the main color you wanted- and ONE of the scumbles you get will be a random MYSTERY scumble!

are you willing to ship internationally?

are you willing to help out if someone doesn’t follow through (sending an extra scumble to someone who didn’t get one):

Do you have any pets: Any allergies? (cats, dogs, wool, etc.):

I’ll compile the lists and put everyone together for the swap -
Email me with any questions :) This is going to be FUN! Deadline to sign up is April 25, 2008


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