Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Knitting Needle Sale!!!

Need some brand new wooden knitting needles at a fantastic deal?
Today is your (very) lucky day!

I bought a BUNCH of bamboo (and other wooden) knitting needles from Bishop's Yarns when she was going out of business last summer. The big idea was to either use them in a business that I might open someday or to sell them online. I don't see the yarn shop in my near future, so I decided to post some needles here and sell them to whomever might be interested. The goal is to reduce some of the excess that I have and to share the good value of these needles.

UPDATE: - 5/7/08 - I have created a new website - - and there's a shop on the site that has my needles (as well as other knitting related items) listed for sale. a good portion of proceeds goes to the amanda foundation - a wonderful Los Angeles based animal rescue group who prides itself on saving animals from high kill shelters!

Check out the website store, and buy because you want to... and know that buying is saving lives. Can it get any better than this?

(and thank you.)



Linda said...

Stash busting? You are going to do some stash busting?

COUNT ME IN on that one! I'll be haunting you here and on Ravelry for that glorious day. Ah... to wander through Kyle's stash.... ;-)

loopykd said...

I wish I needed needles but I'm set!