Friday, April 25, 2008

Passover, fixed cars and yarn sales

We went to Palm Springs for Passover dinner with my partner's sister's family - I made a yarmulke for my Brother-in-Law...
it's a really simple pattern - using some short rows - by Jenny White from Greetings from Knit Cafe - be sure to check the corrections page before starting the pattern - there are a couple mistakes in the pattern... but once I got through those, it's really a breeze!

I also went to Ultimate Point which has recently moved to a new shopping center - the store is chock full of good yarn - I bought some berroco alpaca something or other, and some KPM to make another yarmulke -

I'm also working on the multi directional scarf right now... carpooling with a coworker - so that gives me something to do while she drives... (Thanks, Debbie!) - I love my knitting time in the car -

OH! I also got my car back on Tuesday -it's 99% done; there are a few interior scratches that will be fixed next week, and the paint job looks AMAZING - but there's a tiny bit of lacquer or something that needs to be buffed out on one inconspicuous spot - (only I see it!) - and my stereo needs to be installed - which happens tomorrow.... once that's done (and a good detailing/cleaning) it'll be good as new.

Auto accidents are frustrating and inconvenient, but all in all, I can not complain - I was safe (not hurt badly), I was able to run after the fool as he tried to drive away, I had a camera and was able to photograph and document the accident scene, I had insurance, and the ability to pay the tow truck driver (even this can be a blessing; I have always been lucky enough to have a credit card when I need it) - and in the end, the other driver's insurance company accepted liability and paid the costs to fix my vehicle. Once they pay for the other charges I have incurred (the stereo removal/re~installation that happened because they said my car was totaled, then after I had the stereo removed it suddenly wasn't totaled so I have to have it reinstalled) and the tow bill, etc., it will be all better!

I'm trying desperately not to buy yarn - although simply knitting is having a 50% off yarn sale through this weekend... UNWIND in Burbank is arranging Stitch and Pitch bus trip, goodie bag, etc. for $40- contact them quickly if you're interested in joining them - I believe it's for June 2nd...

have a great weekend everyone!


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