Sunday, May 18, 2008

Strawberry Festival!

First, a note about knitting - yes, I have been knitting - I am close to finishing my snowflake sweater, and the rust top down raglan... I'm plugging along on something special for a friend who donated a enameled box to the shop at - that piece is for sale to raise money for the Amanda Foundation... along with some other random items in the shop. Her gift is slow moving... so is the cabled vest I'm working on - the vest pattern is from Through the Loops! - she designed the vest in honor of her father, who is/was a respected microbiologist - check out that link - donate if you can, and get this pattern - if you have never cabled, before, this pattern is super easy - I'm doing it - only an inch or two into the project - but it's beautiful so far. (more on that another day; today is for the strawberries!)

What a beautiful day! This was the third time I have gone to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard, CA and every time is as fun as the first... we always end the visit with our annual "Strawberry Shortcake Portrait" - me and my friend Debbie go through the line, making our yummy treats and sitting in the shade (thankfully) - and devour the delights...
There were hundreds (literally) of craft booths - we bought some candles, some candied pecans and almonds, and some neat magnetic bookmarks - but there were also beautiful artworks, glass pieces, windchimes, bags and hammocks, anything that you could imagine... today was the hottest May 18th since 1892 in Los Angeles - YIKES!
I recommend going to the festival - next year - it's over for this one... check out the link, and stick a note in your computer reminder service of choice - and next year, you'll be surprised with a wonderful early summer thing to do come 2009
The other beautiful thing we got to see was the Budweiser Clydesdale horses - this one beauty was laying down (which seemed kind of odd; but I think they just were driven for a few hours standing in their trailers, so perhaps he was sleepy)- my oh my - what beautiful creatures... they weigh over a ton each...

Here's one more treat - as I was getting ready to go this morning, the sun was SOOOO bright that I had to keep the shutters pulled... I left the shutters opened a tiny tad so that there was a sliver of light on the floor - Winky found that sliver and though she was the smartest kitty in the whole world... Watch the little movie to see if she's the smartest cat in the house or not!



Geek Knitter said...

Two very clever kitties you have there! Horses will lie down like that for about 15-30 minutes... the real fun is watching a horse that big get back on their feet!

Wannietta said...

OMG - I love fresh strawberries and you've set my mouth to watering! I wait all year long for Ontario's strawberry season and then, to be sure, I totally make up for the year's wait. I'm also a fan of pick-your-own, so I drag the kids along (not that they mind, really) and we pick. We'll do it every few days for as long as we can. I put some in the freezer for making jam in the fall/winter but mostly we just eat them.