Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bishops Yarns - CLOSING - 70% off EVERYTHING

Bishops Yarns
21820 Devonshire St.
Chatsworth, CA

Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-4PM


EVERYTHING is 70% off - yarns, books, notions, even the bookcases and fixtures are for sale - Florence (the owner) is 89 and it's just time to shut down - she's an incredibly feisty lady and I love her terribly - this is my LYS - and I'm sad to see it go - BUT I want to tell all of you that are within the Los Angeles area about the sale so that you can come in and load up - there's TONS of yarn left...

I'm going to post about what I bought on Saturday after the store closed - at 70% off I made a killing.... it was 682.50 worth of yarn and I paid 204.75 (plus tax) - amazing amazing... the only bad thing: it's adding to my stash. the madness must stop soon!



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The_Add_Knitter said...

Hey thanks for this, I'm making my lil bro go (he lives in Los Feliz and isn't happy about it!) and stock up on needles!