Sunday, July 15, 2007

Falling off the wagon (again!)

INSANE yarn purchase - I bought 77 balls / hanks / skeins of yarn and 6 sets of circular needles on Saturday when I truly intended to just drop into the store to say Hi to Florence and Jackie - to check in on them and make sure everything was going well during their last few weeks at the shop...

Instead, I got wind of the sale that's starting on Tuesday and twisted some arms to get in on the action after they closed because my job prevents me from seeing them during the week!

Look at the receipt to see the breakdown... but the end numbers are as follows:

Subtotal: 682.50 (too much money to be spending at a yarn shop when I have so much yarn already! -

SAVINGS: $477.45 (getting to be more like it)

Total (before tax): $204.75

OK so I fell off the wagon, but saving almost $500 on yarns I can always use seems smart to me - almost frugal - since I won't have to buy yarn for 6 or 7 years now! (ha! right!!)

I did my best to let everyone know about the sale - she's totally shutting down on the 28th (2 weeks) and I'll be helping her close up - I can't imagine what it's like to stop doing business after so many years - I know she wants to continue running her shop, but she's not able to teach any longer, and honestly I don't know how good her business sense is any longer... Everyone I talk with seems sad that she's closing, but glad that she's making this proactive move to preserve her "legacy"... it's a sad day, but sometimes it's OK to be empowered enough to realize that "it's time."...

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Anonymous said...

WOW! That's quite a haul! You are my yarn shopping hero. All hail Kunnecke!