Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good News... Bad News

Good News: I am on Ravelry (yippie!!) - I have been on for a week or so and I love it - it's pretty intuitive as far as how to use it - you need to check out http://www.ravelry.com/ and get on the list if you're a knitter... they have thousands of folks in the queue waiting to be invited (it's still in beta testing) but the sooner you put your request in, the sooner you'll get invited! I think they're going to be opening it up for everyone in a month or so - but until then, I'm already in - and can I just tell you, it's the program I was wanting forever - it organizes my projects and gives me a place to post my photos, etc. - I'll be making lots of notes there about all the things I make.
The thing it doesn't do (yet) is allow me to print out individual project pages - I sent an email to them and they're going to try to figure out a way to make that happen - If they do, then I'll be super duper excited...

Bad News: Bishops Yarns is shutting down - Florence has decided to close the shop - so she's having 50% off everything (good news?) including books, needles, supplies, yarn, everything... she's even selling her bookcases and fixtures! I bought 2 of the handbuilt white bookcases that she had made years and years ago - for my "someday" yarn room - they're really neat and it'll be a nice reminder of her and the experience I had at my first LYS -

I started my mitered square blanket in Noro Silk Garden - it's turning out neat - I have 4 squares done so far - it's going to be expensive though - I have 32 skeins (which will make 64 squares)- and I'll need just over 150 to make a queen sized blanket - I guess when I have my 64 made I'll lay them out and then try to decide if I'm interested in making 86 more squares... :)


Jodie said...

Kyle, I've tried to send you info about the Charity Blanket, but for some reason the e-mail isn't working. :( Can you e-mail me again? Be on the lookout for a blogger invitation!


Larry said...

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for letting me know about Bishop's closing. My friends will all be sorry to hear that. I hope we can organize a yarn crawl in time. I haven't been there in a while as I really loaded up the last time I was there.

Aida said...

It seems like I'm always the last to know... here it is, a good 6 months after Bishop's closing and I'm just finding out through your blog. Due to stash-guilt I haven't bought any yarn since my last visit there about a year ago. I'm just so sad they're gone.

OTOH, I'm tickled that I've stumbled upon your inspiring blog.